Who can attend the course?

The LSFA's courses are aimed at doctors, dentist and surgeons. We allow final year medical and dental students to attend the course too, but they are not able to prescribe their own product until they receive their GMC/GDC number.

We also allow independent nurse prescribers and pharmacist independent prescribers to attend. For more information, please send an email to info@thelsfa.com.

I'm from overseas, can I attend?

Yes, we accept overseas doctors, dentists and surgeons but as you won't be registered with the GMC/GDC in the UK, please send an email to info@thelsfa.com with a copy of your medical certification/registration in your country before booking.

Which qualifications will I receive?

For each one-day course, two certificates are attained - One for the Basic Course in Botulinum Toxin (or Dermal Filler) Procedures, and a second certificate for the Advanced Course in Botulinum Toxin (or Dermal Filler) Procedures.

Will I be ready to treat paying clients after the course?

Yes absolutely! We have a 100% success rate to date with LSFA graduates. Feedback from all of our delegates has reflected that their knowledge and confidence is high, and that they feel ready to inject in private practice following the course. Should you feel like you require a little additional support after the course is complete however, you can

always make use of the LSFA's take-home coursebooks, flashcards, and free mentoring service offered by the LSFA to keep you feeling sharp. We also offer refresher one-to-one mentoring at our clinic, where you can bring patients in to be treated with one-to-one tutoring for one-hour sessions. Click here to find out more.

What is included in the fees?

The LSFA's fees are inclusive of the coursebooks & flashcards, the injectable products used on our clients, your insurance to inject on the day, useful forms and documents for delegates to start up your own clinic, plus refreshments and lunch for every delegate. It really is the best value course around!

How do I apply a group discount?

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount for group bookings of 3 or more.

For the discount to apply, the lead of the group must book and pay for all places in one booking, please ensure you add all the correct details for yourself and your colleagues. Each delegate's details can be added when you add each of the courses individually to your basket.

At the checkout, please apply discount code "group10". Please note, a confirmation email will only be sent to the lead booker, it will be the lead booker's responsibility to forward this onto their colleagues.

Which products are used on the course?

At The LSFA we use genuine BoCouture, Botox® on our Botulinum Neurotoxin courses and Belotero on our dermal filler courses, however we teach the fundamental knowledge required which can be utilised with any other reputable product on the market.

What is the LSFA's cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your course with The LSFA, a cancellation fee will be applied. If the cancellation is made more than 4 weeks in advance of the course start date, a £50 admin fee will be charged. For courses cancelled between 2 and 4 weeks in advance, a charge of 50%, of the full course fee will apply. For courses cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance, a charge of 100% of the full course fee will apply. Cancellation fees are applied as it is not often possible to re-book cancelled places at less than 1 months notice.

Will the course count towards my CPD requirements?

Yes, The LSFA's courses have both GMC and GDC accreditation.

Is there any on-going support after graduation?

Yes, The LSFA provides a free mentoring service after graduation where past students can contact our tutors for advice and technical support. We also provide access to a group for all past trainees where cases and start-up questions can be shared on a forum.

How big are the teaching groups?

At The LSFA we believe in small-group teaching to ensure each delegate receives the maximum level of personal feedback and attention throughout the day. Our maximum group size is 12 students per course.

Why is the course over two days?

Some courses try to cover both botulinum toxin and dermal filler in a single day. This is because they either offer only the very basic procedures, or they do not offer adequate hands on training. Feedback from delegates who have attended such courses revealed that most do not feel safe nor confident with such little hands-on injecting experience. We have taught numerous delegates who have previously attended other training courses before discovering ours, in order to get practical hands-on experience.

Other courses charge up to £7000 per course, and split botulinum toxin techniques into three courses (basic, advanced and masterclass) and dermal filler into three further courses. These are well regarded, but cost much more for the same information and hands on time that we provide at the LSFA over two days of teaching. Running a course in basic and advanced procedures in botulitum toxin and dermal fillers over two days offers the best balance of value for money for delegates whilst allowing maximum learning and plenty of time to inject real patients with tutor feedback. This programme ensures safe, confident and satisfied practitioners and excellent value basic and advanced qualifications in botox and dermal filler techniques.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the course?

No, just yourself and a pen! All course books, flashcards, products, lunch and refreshments are provided.

Will I get the opportunity to inject real clients?

Yes! Up to four hours of injecting is included within each day course to ensure all graduates are confident, practiced, have excellent clinical skills and feel ready to take on their own private practice.

Can I bring my own patients to be injected?

Yes, but please ask the patients to contact our team at models@theLSFA.com and read the patient information tab above. Clients are contacted prior to the course to ensure they are suitable and are subject to a small fee if deemed appropriate for treatment.

Can I have my own face injected?

Yes, please see above, as the same rules apply to delegates and clients.